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Dazzle Awards 2009

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My name is Alexandra Natalia Labrada Toral. You can call me alex. Im fourteen years old. Birthday on December19th. I was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. i go to CMSS; 8th grader I'm still trying to figure out who i am. I wouldn't lable myself yet. Maybe once i get to Highschool i'll see who i click with. Slowly turning _ _ _ ? O_o I am very insecure with myself on how i look. I'm not pretty enough for too many people.I get jealous too easily,but i don't show it. I have OCD (obsessive cumpolsive disorder) i am BiPolar. i take pills for my Bipolarness. I'm a laid back chick who hates drama. I think i'm way too nice to people, but if you mess with me, well your going to get your ass kicked. People look at me and think i can't fight, which is fine by me because they don't know that really, i fight like a pyscho person and can beat the shit out of people. I worry too much and always ask myself "What If..." which bugs me. I can't stand the snobby chicks who think their the shit and start drama for nothing. I love the whole punk,emo,scene style[: I love the hair and soon im going to get my hair like one of the SCENCE styles. If you don't know what that is, look it up? Someday im going to meet a real vampire & im going to meet Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner. Anyways, enough about that...  Im pretty fun to hang out with. im really shy at first around new people but then once were good friends i get super crazy, wierd, and hyper around you. Whenever im being quiet im either shy, nervous, i'm thinking, i'm sad, i'm mad, or i'm worried. I dont really care what people think of me. Just sometimes it gets to me. I dont trust anyone all the way. i guess you can call me emo for the things i do, but i don't give a fuck. I have made many mistakes in my life that i regret, but doesnt everything happen for a reason? So thats why im trying my best not to regret things and just look at my past as many mistakes and lessons that i have learned. Anyways, im really athletic and competitive. My favorite sport is Volleyball and Skiing. I also like soccer, snowboarding, cross country, track & field, swimming, and tag football. I love to be outdoors. Camping and hiking is real fun. I also like shopping, reading, listening to music, talking, dancing, singing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, writing stories, taking long walks,and much more. My number one obsession is the Twilight Saga. I love those books! I hope Stephenie Meyer never stops making the series. I also love The Host by her. I really think you should read all of Stephenie Meyers books. There so great, and each book made me cry. I also like the House Of Night series, Blu Ford High series, Boys That Bite, Chasing Vermeer, Cirque Du Freak Series, So Inn Love, Thrill Ride, Icing On The Lake, Tropical Kiss, The Year Nick McCgowan Came, Prep, Summer in the City, Wake, Fade, EverLost, and Island Girls.The types of books i like to read are about vampires, teen romance, teen problems, mystery, and horror. Okay so enough about books. My next obsession is music I like reggaeton, bachata, kumbia, salsa, banda, merengue, durangese, hiphop latino, rock latino, mexicana, techno, rap, r&b, hiphop, pop, punk, punk rock, rock, rock alternative, indie, metal, screamo, emo, oldies, and instrumental. i love to watch movies. All different types of genres are cool. My favorite movies right now are TWiLiGHT, the Notebook, Coraline, The Blue Lagoon, Cruel Intentions, Walk To Remember, and the Titanic. I think i've said too much. & if you still want to know more about me you can messaqe me and we will talk a whole bunch more.

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It runs form the 22nd to the 31st of May 2009.


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1.Play the flash game " Dress up Edward & Bella" (bottom of the page)

2. Take a screenshot & crop it to fit the image of the game.

3. Upload that image to our gallery, include your name & counrty .

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